Slowdown Coming

It'll be as slow as snow melting in a 33F day...

I just want to bang my head on my desk for a minute.


I love my publishers, I really do. They (for the most part) put up with my whining and harassment (you know, my twice-yearly email of “so what’s going on?”) and deliver the goods. But at the same time they sometimes make me just want to beat my head on my keyboard. Not that doing so will help anything, but it’ll make me feel better.

I think I’m going to shut down the writing process for the rest of the year. With a prospective 60+ hour work week ahead of me for the foreseeable future, it doesn’t make sense to try and write when my energy levels and mind just aren’t there. I’ll finish the edits for The Cold and In the Shadow of Paradise for my editors, but after that… who knows.

Mucho tired coming up. Prepare for a meltdown soon after.

Then I’ll be mentally prepped to finish Wraithkin and The Green Jewel.

One thought on “Slowdown Coming

  1. Sometimes you have to pick your spots. Working so many hours is one of those times. I’ll be interested to see whatever you have whenever you’re able to get it. Just take care of yourself.

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