I worked 50+ hours this past weekend, so not much has been done around any writing projects. I knew working this much was going to take a toll, but dang has it been rough. I didn’t think I would make it around Saturday evening, but somehow I did.

Wish I could say I found some inner strength but, as usual, I’m just too stubborn and stupid to know when to quit.

Even with all my work, I did take note that Boise State and Stanford are both no longer undefeated and Oklahoma State (Oklahoma-freaking State!) is sitting pretty in the BCS picture. That was… somewhat surprising, but just one more undefeated losing (and should it be an SEC team) and everything is thrown into chaos. That would be fun.

Really. For me, at least.

The Hunger Games official movie trailer is out and already I am hearing about how crappy the movie is going to be. Considering I graded the book as very good, you just know that they can’t capture every single detail of Katniss’ life and thoughts on camera. There’s a subtlety that very few actors can manage, making their thoughts known without seeming to be comical in their approach. So… I have doubts about it being good, but hey… I’m still going to go and watch.

Looking at release dates for both The Green Jewel and The Midnight Crew right now. I’m thinking after Christmas but before The Hunger Games movie premier. I simply don’t have the funds for a splashy huge release notice, instead relying on word of mouth and dedicated fan base for the series. That’s going to take a lot of work, yes, but not wads of cash. Talked to a few agents a few years back about the stories and they all were in agreement: the story is fine, but it’s missing something that is hard to put a finger on.

I found it. But now I’m being selfish and not sure I want an agent.

An agent used to be the best and easiest way to get into publishing. CreateSpace has made it even easier (albeit with more work). I’ve gone over the benefits of an agent before (and have a very good friend who is a literary agent), so I’m going to avoid rehashing that.

Instead I’ll just… ponder.

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