Fantasy Football Update

If this was my RB, I'd have won the league in week 1...

Many of you already know that I am a huge football fan. Pop Warner, high school, college, NFL… doesn’t matter, I like it all. This may seem strange, coming from a SF/F author, but I really, really dig sports. I think because, unlike many of my fellow writers out there, I excelled at sports throughout high school and college.

For some reason, athletes don’t tend to turn into writers. Who knew, right?

Well, I haven’t had much writing news lately, and this website needs updating, so I figured I’d share my weekly fantasy football updates with you guys. Hey, it’s not like I’m competing against sports journalists (wish I was, though… laugh at me for picking Aaron Rodgers with my first pick). But I’m in two leagues this year. One is a Yahoo! public league, the other run by my friend Gary Poole (Chattanooga, TN radio personality and all around great guy).

In the Yahoo! public league, I’m in a tie for second after knocking off the first place team this week. For the longest time I thought Cowboyhater was going to run the table undefeated, since his closest scoring game was 25 points before last week. However, after losing last week in a tight one and getting blown out this week by yours truly, Cowboyhater is only 1 game ahead of me with three weeks to play in the regular season. Meanwhile, I’ve won 5 in a row and look well positioned for a solid finish. First place seeding going into the playoffs is in sight, although I really don’t like my schedule with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. Still though, my team looks a little thin overall, but it’s gotten me this far.

In the Scenic City league, I took only my second loss of the season, losing a close one to The Wingnuts (same team, I’ll add, that I had problems with last year and was oh-so-grateful to not meet him in the playoffs), 96-89. I started the wrong TE this week (Gregg Olsen over Antonio Gates…. oops) and paid the price. Of course, having a WR score zero points for me also hurt, but I’m thin at WR this year. Still, I’m 9-2 and already have a playoff spot locked. Plus, with Brainert Bombz losing, I secured the top seed in my division, and the #2 seed overall no matter what. Good spot to be in, going into the playoffs, especially since I don’t like the matchups I’d have if I were the #3 seed.

Yeah, fantasy football is D&D for jocks, but since I play both, it doesn’t hurt anybody, right?


One thought on “Fantasy Football Update

  1. Congrats!

    I’ve always been a huge fan of all sports, but most particularly baseball, football and basketball. I played some in high school but was just a bit before girls were able to play without controversy on the boys’ team if there weren’t any comparable sports for girls . . . anyway, if I didn’t follow sports in _my_ house, I’d have not have known the _lingua franca_ being spoken.

    As for whether other writers like sports or not, some do and some don’t. I think it varies. Many who do don’t say anything about it, though, due to the very strong opinions of those who don’t. (So I’ve observed.)

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