More Thought on Ball St Football

I must admit, last year I was a sad little guy after watching my beloved Cardinals get thrashed by just about everyone in the MAC. I talked about how upset I was with former coach Stan Parrish’s recruiting efforts and was not really looking forward to 2011.

An hour later he was caned (stupid typos, though that one was amusing) canned and a new coach was hired. Am I that powerful? Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt the ego to think otherwise once in a while.

This year Ball State went a respectable 6-6, which is enough to go to a bowl game. Keith Wenning (which, incidentally, is one consonant change away from being Keith “Winning”) had a tremendous year, showing why Coach Lembo had enough faith to bench 2010 started Kelly Page in favor of the redshirt freshman. The running game was decent, with enough big plays to keep other teams off balanced an a defense that showed flashes of what it could be.

Think of it this way. Indiana did not beat a single FBS team this season — which included a 27-20 loss to Ball State.

The defense, as always, needs work, but unless you’re defense is LSU or Alabama you’re always going to be wishing for a better defense. A few playmakers can make all the difference for this team, and I think Lembo is a good enough recruiter to go out there and get them, especially when you look at the state of Indiana as a football whole.

(Hey coach, if Ohio State gets put on probation, you could probably poach a few four and five star recruits from them… just saying, y’know?)

So here’s to the Bowl (or wherever the hell we’re going to this year).

Fear the Chirp!

(Dear PR Department… we need a catchier slogan. Our opponents fear the chirp as much as Nina Hartley fears a DP… sincerely, Alum)

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