Maybe someone can help me.

I’ve kind of been paying attention to the Republican primaries and am wondering — 85% of Republicans and Independent voters are not enjoying the shrill, uber-extremism coming from the Far Right. Not the small government conservative speak, but the shrill “I’m more religious than you are and I’ll show you… gays must die!” ones who are really beginning to piss me off. Can someone tell me why the term RINO (Republican in Name Only) gets thrown around the moment any candidate offers a medium ground response and not an all-out attack on anything hinting at moderation? An can someone tell me how these rejects from public schooling get nominated in the first place?

Seriously. I can’t think of a word that is strong enough without offending anything that resembles you (scum sucking bottom feeders is one of them, but flounders didn’t do anything to be lumped in with these harpies…). Santorum is screaming about… something, I can’t hear anything beyond the absolute mind-numbing idiocy spewing from his maw. Huntsman is pissed about adopted children (wtf?), and don’t get me started on that crackpot Perry. Romney giving in to his morals (whichever they are this week) and Paul just sitting quietly off to the side, letting them beat each other with the “I’m more religious than you are!” stick.

Why do politicians pander to their extremist base? Both Republicans and Democrats do this in the primaries, only to turn around during the general election and say “Oh, that wasn’t the real me” after doing their best to convince their base that they were exactly that person. Do they really think we’re that stupid?

…don’t answer that. I should have known better than to ask that question.

I’m fairly convinced that we are that stupid because we vote for them, despite all the crap that has been spewed from their mouth like an Exorcist movie. We continue to vote for them. We don’t demand a difference. It’s just politics all over again.

Damn it all to hell. I’m going to vote for Ron Paul.

If I vote.

At least he’s not being an uber-dick about religion.

…this week, at least.

2 thoughts on “Politics

  1. Jason, honestly, I don’t have any idea whatsoever what the Rs are doing or why they’re doing it. I can’t stand Romney, and I think if the Rs united around one or two other candidates, they’d consistently beat Romney so no matter how much money Romney has, he’d get out.

    The two candidates I’d get behind are Paul and Huntsman. Both are far more reasonable than most of the others. I like Gingrich’s intelligence but he does not look like a President to me . . . he also signed that ridiculous “I will not commit adultery pledge” saying that he wouldn’t do it _any more_ (in essence) as in his three marriages, marriages 1 and 2 were broken up by the 2nd and 3rd wives, respectively. And Gingrich’s explanation for cheating was priceless: it was because he was “too patriotic,” which makes no sense at all. (Just admit you have hormones, man, and needs. And apologize. Then get on.)

    I’m with you all the way about how these folks are turning Indys and many Rs off, as well as just about anyone who could remotely be called a Democrat. These folks are _not_ leaving much of a choice for the American electorate; we’re going to have the guy who’s already in there (tepid at best, and while he’s intelligent, he hasn’t exactly been the leader I’d been hoping for) or we’re going to have someone the hard Right has picked for us — someone 85% or more of the American electorate will never like. So you’ll have people who really despise the current POTUS voting for that other person, along with the hard Right — and if you’re a Republican or right-leaning Indy, you’re doomed to failure as Ann Coulter put it herself: “You nominate Mitt Romney, and you lose.”

  2. I don’t have a good answer for you this time. Last election, I had a strong candidate that I ran to the polls to vote for. This year, nobody stands out as who I want to see in the White house.
    As for the far right, I don’t understand it either; this year’s Republican message seems like “everything except God is bad and we hate you all” and I don’t really see any other messages coming out. I’ve not followed it as much as I could or should, but it’s been obnoxious. Ron Paul is looking better every day.

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