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Semper Malevolem


…and we’re back.

Sorry for the outage. I originally was leaving up the SOPA/PIPA protest for the weekend, but on Monday I lost my internet (“Lost: Reward” posters were, inevitably, a failure) and only got back online today. That means I missed my review on SBR, lots of interesting things on the ‘net…

…and the renaming of my next anthology. No longer is the title of the book going to be Adventurers in Hell. Now it’s titled Rogues in Hell which, to be honest, I like more. The cover is gorgeous (I can’t wait until I can share it) and there are more stories in this one that the last. (Note to self: go edit the bio page)

Not much else going on. Basically, this was as good of a week as any to lose the internet.

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