When To Say When

I normally try to stay out of politics on here, but friend and author KT Pinto made a very good point earlier today:

Never believe what a politician says as a general principle, but especially when they are trying to win an election.
It takes a brave man to have a startling revelation, it takes a braver man to have one that may lose him an election, not gain him one.

I doubt truer words have ever been uttered.

Why didn’t the president come out last year with this proclamation? Or do it right after he was elected? Or… I don’t know, while not in an election year? I get the why he did it now, but I just wish he’d been brave enough to do this when his job wasn’t on the line.

My own stance on gay marriage has been the same for as long as I can remember: I don’t care who/what/where you get married to, just don’t try to run my life.

Sadly, neither major party understands this.

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