MidSouthCon — Ready Or Not

Well, I’m officially listed as a professional guest for the upcoming MidSouthCon in March 2013. This addition brings the total conventions up to three for next year. Yeah, unlike a lot of authors, I really don’t do too many conventions. Finances and all that, y’know? More than four per year is unmanageable. I’m still not sure about Technicon, since I really want to do Worldcon in San Antonio. If I do both, that’ll put me at five (yay, I can count!), which is too many. Plus it would make Feb-March crazy/hectic. I don’t do hectic. I like things to move at a little slower of a pace. Not because I can’t hang, mind you. It’s just easier to appreciate things when you have time to, you know, appreciate them.

Enough with the blog. On to the books!

2 thoughts on “MidSouthCon — Ready Or Not

  1. Chances are I’ll be in town for WorldCon next year, don’t think I can swing Dragon 2 years running. (Liberty….maybe…fingers crossed) So…if you make it to World, first rounds on me

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