Black Friday Mayhem

I’m still recovering from my turkey coma, so bear with me here.

I was on my way to work and saw, well, mayhem is the only way I can describe it. You see, I live near a big mall and Target and Walmart (they’re not close to one another, until you take into account I can cut through a park to get to all three within a minute) and, as you may have seen on the news (or your calendar, if you’re one of those people) that Friday was that little old thing called “Black Friday”. And people get a little… crazy on Black Friday.

Me? I don’t get it. Still don’t. But then, I do most of my shopping online.

So anyway, as I was on my way to work, there was a wall of people surging to the entrance of Target. There were cops. There were lines. There was utter, incomprehensible mayhem.

It was a thing of beauty, seeing how well evolution has treated humans– oh, wait. Sale! Sale!!


I felt bad for making fun of the hundreds and thousand of people there for about five seconds before I remembered that these people choose to do this. I don’t understand it, really. Okay, I do understand a little, but I can’t find a good reason for it. To save some money? Or is it to be a part of something bigger? Something commercialized? It’s hard to get behind a crowd mentality when you have so little in common with the crowd.

So did you go Black Friday shopping?  Did you have to mace someone this year?

2 thoughts on “Black Friday Mayhem

  1. The other way to look at it is that I’m broke, and if I couldn’t go out and buy cheap stuff on Black Friday, I couldn’t give my nieces and nephews the Christmas I wanted to. I spent $20 on what should have cost about $80 – it makes a difference. Yeah, there was a line, and yeah, I stood in it for an hour before the store opened, but I sorta enjoyed it. How often do you get to run through Target like you’re doing Supermarket Sweep? (Please tell me you remember that show)

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