January 6, 2013

Writing Sucks

Writing a difficult scene from Wraithkin right now and it’s tough going. Not because it’s being difficult, but because it’s a highly traumatic scene. It’s rough when you have a character that needs to go, because it’s the basis of the entire story arc. It’s still not easy, though, especially when you really like said character. It’s not like I’m George R R Martin, who indiscriminately murders main characters on a whim (okay, he probably doesn’t do it that way, but it sure feels like it sometimes).

So instead, I’m posting these lyrics from my favorite band, The Cruxshadows. This pretty much sums up the entire sequence of events better than I can.

They say this cause is lost
And she will not return to me
They say that she is gone
And this is just a shell unliving

And through the dark of the morning
She fades, but I will not leave here
Fight back the demons around us
Love lives, and I will defend her.

That actually sums it up better than I ever can, other than writing the actual scene itself. *sigh*

Writing sucks, man.

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