Thirteen incomplete short stories, six incomplete book reviews, eight incomplete novels, four novels in dire need of an edit, and I’m sitting around playing Civilization V.

I really have no excuse for laziness.

It’s not like I get bored with a novel and move on or anything. I just take a break from it because it’s moving too fast for me (basically, brain going faster than I can type, which sucks) and I need to catch my breath. I’m one of those authors who write frantically then feel as though they have run a marathon after finishing.

Since I’ve only run a half marathon (back in college), I can only imagine how exhaustive a full one would be.

Okay, I really need to buckle down here. Off to write. Just reminding my page that I still exist-ish.

Oh, my schedule for Libertycon 26 is up. You can see it here. Yes, I’m on a panel about messy ways to kill a zombie. With John Ringo. And Michael Z. Williamson. And Larry Correia. That is going to be one fun little panel.

2 thoughts on “Exist-ish

  1. This panel is seriously in need of a Youtube filming event! In fact, I’d pay good money to watch said Youtube video if it was made.

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