Libertycon 26 Schedule

I meant to do this last week but real life interfered. Okay, so here is my schedule (according to the LC26 website):


  • 5:00 PM — Opening Ceremonies: Pretty self explanatory, though I may just be hanging out near the back of the room. That’s where I usually am during huge crowd gatherings, since I don’t do well in large crowds.
  • 6:00 PM — Dreams of Steam: Gadgets and GizmosThis one will be fun, since people from both anthologies (Gadgets and Gizmos) will be present. Cindy MacLeod is moderating, and I have full faith in her ability to keep me in check.
  • 10:00 PM — Messiest Ways To Kill A ZombieI begged to get put on this one, because the writers on this one with me (Larry Correia, John Ringo, Michael Z. Williamson, Scott W. Baker, Dr. Tedd Roberts, Philip Wohlrab) are freaking insane (except for Wohlrab, possibly, not sure yet) and disturbingly creative. It should also be my best attended panel of the weekend, primarily because of Ringo, Correia and Williamson.


  • 10:00 AM — Dreamers in Hell Roundtable: It’s primarily a round table discussion about Dreamers in Hell, one of the anthologies I’m in that’s come out this year. Since there are a lot of people on this one, I’ll more than likely take a back seat and let the others do the grunt work, possibly chiming in with humorous side comments every ten minutes just to remind people I’m there. Plus, it’s early, and I’ll be less than functional before noon. Which sucks, because…
  • 11:00 AM — Autograph Session: Seriously, I’m not sure who thought it would be a good idea to have me on panels before the sun is in the western half of the sky. I’ll be polite, possibly quiet, and probably not very coherent. On the plus side, I’ll sign just about anything*.
  • 4:00 PM —  Sha’Daa: Pawns and Sha’Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse Re-releaseI get to talk some about Kasyarna, my ancient sea dragon and the ass whoopin’ he lays down upon SEAL Team Two**. Planning on a fun time, especially if someone asks me about why the dragon decided to puke when he did.
  • 5:00 PM — The World of Steampunk RoundtableOne of the only panels that I’m on that I’m not sure what’s going on. My steampunk story, “The Finder’s Keeper”, is more of a mystical steampunk/alternate history story than pure steampunk. Nonetheless, I’ll have a brave front and do my best.
  • 9:00 PM — What Scares the Boogeyman?This will be fun, though probably not much contributed from me. The other stories in this anthology were longer and more fleshed out. I just wrote about a little boy and the evil in the house. I do recommend picking up a copy of this one beforehand, however, since a lot of the authors of the book are going to be available throughout the weekend to sign it.
  • 10:00 PM — Dreamers in Hell and Tomb of Kulchun Launch Parties; Irredeemable Order of Hellions and The Fictioneers HostingI probably won’t be there for the entire party, but I’ll definitely be there. I think that there might be an announcement about other things as well (unsure of this yet) and lots of food, drink, and really interesting people. Plus, it’s in the ConSuite, which means FREE FOOD!!!


  • 10:00 AM — What’s New in Horror?Another one of those ‘Holy Gawd it’s early!’ panels, which will have all of us talking about what we’ve sold in horror lately (for me, more than anything else, which is disturbing because I consider myself a SF writer) and what we’re looking forward to seeing. My only other panel with Larry Correia, which is a shame because he’s a really cool guy.
  • 12:00 PM — Autograph Session: I’ll be a little more awake this time, I swear. Just remember to bring me the blood for the Blood God to sacrifice*** and we’re cool… what, all out? Seriously? AGAIN?
  • 1:00 PM — ReadingMy dulcet tones will be on full display as I attempt to stammer out one of my upcoming stories. Not sure which one it’ll be, yet, though I’m leaning towards “Wake”, since it’ll be coming out right after Libertycon. If not “Wake”, then possibly “Hill 142”, which I loved writing.

So that’s my schedule. Now you know how to avoid me. If you can’t find me at all, there’s a 50/50 bet I’m either sleeping or in BarFly Central (which, coincidentally, is not in the bar).

See you in a few days!

* — “Just about” anything is a broad disclaimer. Please do not ask for babies to be signed, that just makes things awkward. Also, please keep clothing on. PLEASE.

** —  No SEALs were harmed in the writing of this… oh, who am I kidding? Those poor bastards got hosed.

*** — Do not substitute with Clamato. What do I look like, some emo sparkly vampire bitch poser? BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

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