Help Natural Order — Buy My Books!

All right! That big news I’ve been absolutely dying to tell you guys?

I can talk! Woot!

So a few months ago, a guy I friended randomly on Facebook (he wrote a cool book I enjoyed) put out this call for a coauthor. I didn’t think I had a shot in hell (really, I’ve had bad luck with coauthors and was almost to the point of swearing them off) but I figured “Hey, worst thing that could happen is being told ‘No’, right?”

Well, I mentioned I’d done some editing, my publishing chops (admittedly thin, but a reference to see how I write) and forgot about it… until out of the blue he asked me if I was still interested.

Uh… yeah!

So Eric S. Brown sent me a novel, called Homeworld, that he’d written with Tony Faville and asked if I would be interested in writing the sequel. I said “Sure”, got a rough outline from him, and proceeded to crank out 20,000 words in six days. I can write when motivated.

So now, the official title of the sequel (for now) is Homeworld: Rockfall. It’s set some time after the end of Homeworld and, near as I can tell, is going to be freaking awesome! I’m not just saying that because I’m writing it, no. It’s because of exploding space ships! Derring-do gooders! Dastardly villains! Spy versus spy, in space! Aliens! Civil war! Insurrection! And, best of all, total explodiness gooshy!

Wow… lost control for a second. My apologies.

So yeah is the good news. You should go buy Homeworld, by the way, so we can tempt big publishing houses to buy the sequel. Which leads to more books. Which leads to more explodiness.

Nature is cyclic, people. Help nature, buy books!

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