Mysticon Schedule

I’m going to be a little busy at Mysticon next weekend, but fear not! I’ll be manning the fan table for the Official Honor Harrington Fan Association: The Royal Manticoran Navy quite a bit, so I’ll be very easy to find.

  • 5:00PM Friday — Cats On A Keyboard: Basically we’ll be talking about our pets and how they completely influence and ruin our writing time, as well as interject themselves into our books. This one should be fun, since I’m doubly cursed with two cats and a dog.
  • 1:00PM Saturday — Busting the Wall: Pretty much listening to writers tell you how they broke their writer’s block. Since I’m of the school of “You’re just looking for an excuse to be lazy and not write so you’re blaming writer’s block,” it’ll be… different.
  • 4:00PM Saturday — Reading: I’ll be reading my short story, Hill 142which recently came out in Hero’s Best Friend.
  • 8:00PM Saturday — Boot Camp – Past, Present and Future: Military trainign through the ages. My first panel with Tom Kratman, and moderated by Charles Matheny. I already know who’s going to be dominating this panel (hint: not me).
  • 10:00AM Sunday — Answering the Casting Call: basically the do’s and don’ts of showing up to a casting call. I actually have multiple film credits to my name as an extra, so this one is pretty much me saying “don’t be a tard” for an hour.
  • 12:00PM Sunday — Book Signing: I don’t need to explain this. I don’t have copies of my book to sell, so… it’s more of a “meet and greet”.
  • 2:00PM Sunday — Opposition In All Things: conflict in stories. My theory? If there’s no conflict, then your hero is probably boring.

There’s also a Royal Manticoran Navy room party on Friday night at 9pm, but I have no idea where. I’ll give you a hint: if you find the guys in Manticoran Navy uniforms, that’s probably our party.

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