Kaiju Day 2

So one of my friends posted the following on Facebook:

Hey folks, does your life not have enough excitement? wah wah music plays> Do you long for the days of being able to pick up a book and lose yourself in the heroic struggles of man against 300 ft. tall alien/dragon/dinosaur things?  Was ‘Pacific Rim’ a religous experience?

Then what the hell are you waiting for? Click, don’t drag, over to your local Amazon website! You too can own your very own, extremely handy copy of Kaiju Apocalypse!


Only $2.99! Less than a 20 oz cup filled with steamed milk and 2 oz of espresso! Less than a gallon of regular unleaded! Less than an hour with a Tijuana—<Cheery trumpet music plays> WE ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. PLEASE STAND BY.

Jason Cordova and Eric S. Brown will LITERALLY ROCK YOUR FACE OFF! (Will not literally rock your face off) Reading the words aloud will GET WOMEN PREGNANT (Pregnancy may not actually occur) Buying this book will make you talk like a BAD JAPANESE STEREOTYPE!!!! (Probably not, unless you are actually Japanese. And even then, only if really really drunk.)


So… can you top that? I tried and found myself not being able to. Can you?

2 thoughts on “Kaiju Day 2

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