This is October? Nobody told me about the pumpkin spice latte!

Right, right… we’re in October now, and dozens of people are waiting for some sort of update.

First off, I’ve been biting my tongue a lot on the internet (you would be so proud) as I watch individuals become more idiotic with each passing breath. I know it’s hard to build a following, people, but screaming at them and cursing at them to respect you is not the way to go. Getting instant attention and instant gratification because of screaming and tantrumming (it’s a word, really) is what we like to call being a “flash in the pan”, which comes from the old adage of gunpowder flashing in a pan and exploding when struck by a spark. Sure, it makes a bright flash for about a second, but then it’s done. Being a flash in the pan is the same as having your fifteen minutes of fame (reality TV version).

I’d rather be a solid 40 pound chunk of magnesium: burns bright and takes awhile to light, but that puppy is gonna burn for a very long time.

Substance over style is the way to go.

Murder World: Kaiju Dusk is coming along. I keep saying that, but it keeps being true. I’m not going to get a lot of writing done between now and Honorcon, however, due to the fact that being on the convention committee is time consuming. That convention (with David Weber, Keith R. A. deCandido, and Timothy Zahn as the troika guests of honor) looks to have a solid turnout, and I’m happy to be a part of it and helping them out.

Granted, that means I won’t be doing any panels, but eh… one of these days I’ll just attend a convention incognito. Shouldn’t be hard; nobody knows who I am – outside of southern fandom, anyway.

I also will be moving within the month. Expect communication to be… spotty until I get everything set back up. Not moving far, just into a bigger house closer to town (okay, smack dab in the middle of town, but whatever). Still over an hour away from a good movie theater, but I’m only a 20 minute drive from a Wal-Mart now. Living big!

Baen Books just put out the Baen’s Big Book of Monsters and I finished it the day I got it in the mail. I must admit I was a bit peeved that they had people writing about kaiju but conveniently ignored the International Ambassador in that arena. It’s okay, I’m not bitter. Much. Okay, maybe a little. 50% is still a little, right?

Still, it had some good stories in it, including a Grimnoi/Kaiju tale from Larry Correia starring an offspring of one of the main characters from his Grimnoir Trilogy. Well, it could be called a kaiju, though it was more of a Demonic Cthulhu beast vs Jaeger (I blame Pacific Rim for Larry’s story). It also had a Lovecraft story, a Howard story, and a few others from classic luminaries in the horror genre (1950’s horror is considered thrillers now, because it’s less about the psychological impact and more about the gore these days… kids). Good book overall.


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