17 Days

I really need to focus more on, uh, everything I have going on. Talk about a lot of projects! Between work and writing I almost have zero free time, so things like this and SBR get shuffled off to the side.

I wrote an article explaining why I broke my age-old rule about not writing a Zombie Apocalypse story over at Ragnarok Publications. The website is a little slow loading, so have some patience. I delve a little into explaining why I refused to write a zombie story for so long, and how I have now fully embraced the path of the rotted (right after finishing “Best Laid Plans” I wrote “The Dead of Babylon”, so there’s precedence). I enjoyed it, and now also have another publisher I want to work with on my radar.

I’m back involved with Boy Scouts again, which is fun. Helping the kids at work continue their paths to Eagle Scout reminds me of how hard it was, and how rewarding it can be if one takes the lessons to heart. Of course, the writer in me is vastly amused that I am in Troop 66…

Building a basketball schedule for a high school team is a lot harder than I anticipated. Lots of schools don’t want to deal with us (last season we were 21-8, and we’re returning 7 players from that team, including 3 starters, so I don’t blame them) and the teams that do want to play us are a bit overmatched by our size and speed. Still, it should be a lot of fun.

Working on the Sooper Sekrit Prahjekt still. It’s coming along, albeit at a speed that I’m not particularly pleased with. Part of it is my work schedule, which is a grueling one. The other part is that I want to be lazy when I get home from work. My lawn can testify to this, though my front garden is blooming nicely. I need to get some pics up next week.

I was informed yesterday that Captain America was really a Hydra agent all along, which means that Captain American was an undercover Nazi agent for 70+ years, proving once again that it only takes one publisher to destroy a series and tarnish the legacy of the hundreds before them. I don’t think I’ve been this irritated at an editor since 2009. Worst part is, Captain America: Civil War was a pretty damn good movie (not as good as Winter Soldier, alas) and they just nuked any and all goodwill they had from it on making Cap a double agent. LAZY STORYTELLING, PEOPLE. That’s all it is… lazy storytelling.

Picked up the e-Arc of Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge by Larry Correia and John Ringo last week. Fantastic book overall, with some minor issues that comes with all e-Arcs in general. Looking forward to MHM: Sinners, which will be out sometime this winter.

Don’t forget! Preorder your copy of Black Tide Rising over on Amazon. It’s on sale right now, and I would love to see this puppy hit the NYT bestseller list. C’mon, it has a little story for everyone in it. Humor, horror, actions, explosions, action, romance, sacrifice….. did I mention action?


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