Quick Update

Black Tide Rising is chugging along well from what I hear, with almost resoundingly positive reviews across the board. I’m pleased by this, because this means there could be a second story about my merry little band of intrepid thieves in the future. I still have two stories left in their little arc that I’d like to tell but we shall see.

I have copies of Kraken Mare for sale, assuming I don’t sell out of them at Libertycon in two weeks. I think they’re going to be $13 each, and Chris and I both will be available to sign them. I only have 8 copies left at this time however, so it’ll be a “first come, first serve” sort of thing.

I’m still writing. Working on the two sequels to Wraithkin (Darkling and Deathlord) as well as other stuff (including the sooper sekrit prahjekt).

I also survived the flood. My house and work were in the midst of the massive flooding that hit West Virginia and Virginia last week, but fortunately my house was barely touched by it. My work, on the other hand, got hammered by the storm. Multiple trees, some upwards of 80 to 100 feet tall, were uprooted and our road got washed out a little bit. We were fortunate that nobody was hurt and the only thing that we had to worry about was losing power.

So yes, still alive. Yay Team Cordova!

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