No Saving Today

So I’m finally caught up at work and have some free time so I can update the dang site. Not that there is a lot too update, other than being forced to buy a new car. Yeah, I bought a new car because the old one got totaled.

No worries, no serious injuries, but damn it I wanted to save money right now!


Shiny and chrome


Got wind that the Freehold anthology coming out from Baen Books has been placed in the queue, which means anywhere from 12-18 months until release. Even though I’ve been published many times before, this is my official second “professional” sale. Doesn’t matter how much money the Kaiju books have made me because those evidently aren’t pro sales.

Who knew, right?

Still writing, but the pace has been increasing. The sacrifice I made to increase my production rate, though has been this site. So I have a legitimate excuse for not updating the site.

But I was told that if I needed more money that I should just write faster. I countered with the argument that I could get my supporters to pay me through a Patreon, like a monthly thing.

I was then reminded that I’m not that popular yet, so the amount from that might fuel my caffeine addiction. Might.




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