September 4, 2017

Epic Week Is Epic

This week is going to be epic.

Tomorrow the Forged in Blood anthology will be released. In it is my short story, Magnum Opus, and it tells the story of Rowan Moran, an Operative in the Freehold MIlitary Forces. This is a Freehold anthology, which means it’s going to have awesome stories by Michael Z Williamson and Larry Correia to name a few.

Then on Friday the re-release of Corruptor happens. I’m extremely excited about this one because this time it’s going to be a series. This is the first novel I ever wrote and even though it’s been 12 years since completion I still get excited thinking about it.

Downside to all this? I cracked a rib and bruised my kidney last week and it still hurts. Oh well. Ibuprofen and water for the next 20 days until it stops hurting.

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