March Update

Still writing, still forgetting to update the website regularly.

Deathlords is currently just over 50% complete. I had to go back and delete some stuff due to it simply not working, but the goal of having it done and turned in by April 30 is good. I estimate getting it to the First Readers by April 10th. Then I’ll take a break from the Kin Wars Saga to work on a project with collaborator Christopher L. Smith, which is set in Mark Wandrey and Chris Kennedy’s Four Horsemen Universe. We don’t have a work-in-progress title yet but it encompasses both of our short stories from A Fistful of Credits and The Good, The Bad, and The Merc. Good stuff.

BASKETBALL SEASON IS OVER!!! As much fun as it was this season, it was exhausting. We participated in an end of the season tournament in Summersville, West Virginia. We went in as the #2 seed and finished in second place. Two of my players finished 1-2 in the dunk contest and another boy finished in 2nd for the three point shootout. One was named to the All-Tournament 2nd Team, while two were named to the All-Tournament First Team. Our leading scorer for the season was named Tournament MVP by the broadcasting company, which was pretty cool. As usual the crowd was fully on our side and though we lost in the final game, we gave the champs a scare they won’t forget. Best part? Our leading scorer is up for Player of the Year for the region of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia. I’m hoping it leads to bigger and better things for the graduating senior.

Next year is going to be interesting, since we’re going to have to go small and simply out-shoot the other teams. Given how… poorly we shot the three ball this season, that’s either going to be amazing or amazingly bad. I have faith in the guys, especially since the majority of them are currently freshmen and sophomores. I think they’ll be fine if they have a little confidence in themselves, something that they lacked at times this season. Still, finishing the season with a 12-13 win/loss record isn’t bad at all. Next year our goal is 15 wins.

I was recently featured by my workplace on their Facebook page while talking to the 10th grade English class about being a writer. The kids weren’t too interested in first (they see me all the time so it wasn’t as if they were getting some stranger, so the awe factor was a little low) but they did become interested when I told them about some other authors I know and how well they’re doing, primarily John Ringo and Larry Correia. The “money” factor definitely got their attention. I told them that success like that was not common but they didn’t seem to care. One of the boys suggested later that a successful writer is like a successful rapper. Never thought of it like that before but there are some parallels. Granted, I don’t think writers ever really get into drive-by shootings, but there are some similarities in structuring a career and “getting a big break” from hard work and constantly honing your craft.

Don’t forget: Darkling, the sequel to Wraithkin, will be out on April 13, 2018. Make sure you leave a review when you finish the book! This is an intense and emotional roller coaster filled with mayhem, death, fights, love, loyalty, and most importantly, family ties.


Darkling – Book 2 of the Kin Wars Saga

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