13 Days and Easter

13 days and counting for Darkling‘s release. I’m excited.

I’ve taken to calling fans of the Kin Wars Saga “Kinions”. I’m clever like that. Book 3 of the series, Deathlords, is still motoring along. I’m fixing a few problems in the early goings of the book while continuing some of the more exciting bits later. I’m also having to go back and plant a few seeds for the next few books in the series. Not a huge issue, really, just really time consuming due to trying to figure out where the seed should go, and have it somewhere which doesn’t interrupt the flow of the story. I hate when I info dump, so it’s a process.

I’m no longer a regular contributor over at Mad Genius Club. It’s not because of any bad reason or anything the wonderful people there have done. It’s just that between work, home stuff, and writing multiple novels simultaneously, I look at the calendar half the time and say “Crap, last week was my day at MGC. Damn… they’re gonna kill me.” They’ve been exceedingly patient with me and not gotten upset when I fail to post something, so I figured that removing myself from being a regular contributor would make it easier on all. Now, I’ll still throw up a guest post once in a while, but besides this blog I’m going to be focusing on the aforementioned necessities.

Tomorrow is Easter. I’ll be getting up at 0430 to go with the boys up the hill for a sunrise service. We’ll then eat breakfast and hike back down the hill. It’ll be about a 3 miles hike round trip. I’m looking forward to the service. The hike? Not as much, but that’s primarily because of my knee and foot issues. I haven’t been up the hill in a few months, and never that early in the morning, so I think that the end of the hike will be worth the difficult journey.

All journeys in life have their good moments and difficult ones. Oftentimes we get so focused on the negative that we forget to look for the good. It’s hard to see the good, however, when everyone shows you only the bad. I know I’m guilty of doing it, and I know I should try harder to not be so negative at times.

Perhaps one day I’ll finally be able to focus on all aspects of the journey, both good and bad, and then will have the strength to push past the negativity to embrace everything positive.

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