Brief Update for the Masses

Sometimes when I’m at work I lose track of days. It’s not really surprising when I think it’s a Saturday and I realize no, it’s a Wednesday.

….today is still Tuesday, yeah?

Wrote quite a goodly chunk on Deathlords today. I’m really feeling it right now and seeds of the fabled plot crop I planted in Wraithkin are finally coming to fruition. Plus, planting more seeds for later use. I’m devious like that.

Sales for Darkling are doing quite well. I’m not upset with the steady numbers, though (naturally) I wish it could be higher. The reviews are low, but I attribute that to slower paced readers (if a book takes longer than a day for me it must be really long or boring). Still, if Darkling can have as many reviews as Wraithkin and keep the 5 star overall rating it currently has, I’d be very pleased.


Darkling – Book 2 of the Kin Wars Saga

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