Two Short Story Sales

That’s right, not one but TWO short stories have been accepted into upcoming anthologies!

The first, titled A Chosen Moment Before, is a time traveling, alien invasion, Quantum Leap-like story to be featured in the Cannon Publishing Military Science Fiction and Fantasy Spring 2019 anthology. Long title, but I’m certain that the publisher will be shortening that soon enough. I really like this story, even though it was a little weird to write at first because I only kind of knew where it was going. Once it got going, though, I could see the potential and finished it.

The second story is one I’m very excited about. Chris Kennedy Publishing is putting out an anthology titled We Dare sometime this summer or fall. Edited by Jamie Ibson and Chris Kennedy, it’s a series of short stories about augmented humans. Naturally this made for a terrific fit into the Kin Wars Universe, so I wrote a short story titled Imperfect Mind. It’s a prequel short story, set about 110 years before the events of Wraithkin. I LOVE this character and, after you read Homeguard, you’ll definitely want to check this one out because there is a direct link between the story and Homeguard. You just need to pay attention to see it.

Wrapping up Homeguard this week. Hopefully I’ll have it ready to send to the publisher on Jan 31 (my Jan 25 deadline mayyyyy have been a little ambitious). I have it on good authority that the cover is being created for the book as I type this, and once I have all three covers I’ll share them here.

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Seriously, free stuff! Go!

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