Commence the Celebration

Once more doth the song of awesome play!

That’s right, Jamie and I turned in GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY, a novel set in the bestselling Four Horsemen Universe, last night. It’s not directly in the main timeline but the sequence of novels after will bring everything up to the main line, which is something we talked about. However, we both have lots of other independent stuff to do before we go down that particular rabbit hole.

That puts me at 3 novels completed this year, as well as 4 short stories finished and turned in. Fairly productive, though not my best year by far. However, I’m pleased with the higher quality stuff I’m producing these days. Compared to when I first got started in this writing business, I’ve come a long way, baby. However, I still have one more short story due by the end of November that is about 95% completed, and then two novellas to turn in, both of which are at 50%. So… still got time for those, right?

Readers should get to see GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY sometime next year. The cover isn’t done yet either but hey, it’s not often I get to finish the book before the cover art is complete. 2020 is already shaping up to be an excellent year.

After all this, perhaps I can start the epic fantasy series I’ve been yammering about?

Oh, and finish the next Kin Wars Saga novel. I don’t like people to have to wait this long between books, but other projects got in the way. I will have at least 2 book finished next year in KWS. WINTERBORN is going to blow people away if I can focus on the task at hand and get it done.

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