One Sick Author

I’ve been quiet lately due to being stricken with a bad case of shingles, which is pretty much the same disease as chicken pox but only those who have had it get it (from my understanding of this). It’s really painful and has made sitting down difficult (or laying in bed, or walking… pretty much everything is pain right now), so I haven’t been writing much, if at all.

Which stinks because the sequel of Sons of the Lion was motoring along at a brisk pace before all this began.

Currently Gunboat Diplomacy is riding his at #3 in Hot New Releases for Action & Adventure. We briefly got to #2 but that was only for a few hours. I’d hoped we could get an orange #1 bestseller tag for this book but unfortunately we’re competing against a bestselling romance novel (again). It’s quickly becoming a theme for me. Release a terrific book, get beat out by a romance novel.

We’re #3! ….crap.


If you have picked up your copy already, don’t forget to leave a review. Amazon loves it (and so do authors) and reviews help their mysterious algorithms determine if I am worthy of earning a unicorn to barbecue, or something. I don’t know. I’m heard myths and legends and I’m gullible.

As for writing, hopefully I can get back on track once this clears up. Being in constant pain makes focusing on the writing difficult.

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