Award Season Is At Hand

Man, has my email really blown up the past 48 hours with people asking me to conisder them in my nominations process. I read them all, mind you. It’s interesting to see some of the people asking me to nominate their book. Some I haven’t read, some aren’t even out yet (how???), and some I have read and realized halfway through that I would rather be beaten over the head with a clawed hammer while hungover than finish the book.

But… that’s the beauty of award season. It’s simply fascinating to watch the process.

I’ll put my usual disclaimer up: please do not nominate me for anything SFWA-related, so no Hugo nomination please. Pretty please? Not that the current crowd would let me be nominated, mind you. I’m making sure it is abundantly clear that I adamantly refuse to associate with a group who idealizes convicted child molesters and their vocal supporters (if you’re confused, please go research Walter Breen and Marion Zimmer Bradley. Make sure you have a strong stomach before venturing down that rabbit hole).

The Dragon Award

As for what books I’m nominating for the true “people’s choice” awards (i.e., The 2020 Dragon Awards), I’m not certain yet. The nice thing about this is I have a few months before nominations close, so I can take my time and see what books I feel are worthy of a nomination. I haven’t read nearly as many books the past year as I used to, primarily because when I write full-time I don’t have the opportunity to read for pleasure as much as I used to. I did enjoy Kevin Ikenberry and Quincy J. Allen’s Enforcer, which is the sequel to my novel with Jamie Ibson (Gunboat Diplomacy), so that might get the SF nomination, I don’t know yet. I haven’t gotten to Kevin Steverson’s Hide the Lightning yet, and I hear it is as terrific as one would expect from a Steverson work. I don’t really know yet about Military SF/F, or even Fantasy as a whole (which doesn’t appear to have a clearcut favorite this year as the usual suspects haven’t published anything, though Butcher’s Peace Talks could slide in as a last-second nomination… if this happens, congrats in advance on your first win, Jim).. But as I said, plenty of time. I hope the 4HU game is released in time this year so I can nominate it.

The Webster Award for Best Author in Virginia voting ends this week. I’d like to thank everyone who made me a finalist in the first place, and later voted for me to win. I have no idea how the voting is going, I just hope I put up a good showing. If voting went the same as the nominations, I should do decently well.

I’m also looking at 2021 conventions already. Anyone want to see me at their local con? Let me know or, better yet, bug them about inviting me down. I’m trying to head west a little more and hit cons in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and even Utah. Not really interested in Colorado at the moment. I still am not a fan of the state. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE BREATHE?!

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