Second Chance Angel Release

My quasi-adoptive (she sort of adopted me, and I didn’t say no) sister, Kacey Ezell, had a book come out yesterday with her coauthor Griffin Barber. It’s a space opera noir thriller that I can’t wait to get into, and is titled SECOND CHANCE ANGEL. It’s available at Barnes & Noble, Target, and other booksellers. I’ll post the link to Amazon here. I’ve got my copy but since I’m neck deep in Top Secret Epic Fantasy project, I won’t get to read it until October. So no spoilers, people!

No health news this week. This “hurry up and wait” mentality I have to take to see what’s wrong with my liver reminds me of the military so much I woke up early this morning to go PT. Fortunately I caught myself before I started pounding my knees into submission and had a cup of coffee instead. Exercising before dawn while over the age of 40? That could have been ugly.

Roofers are coming next month to replace my roof. After that, it’s time for new windows. My 100 year old house is in dire need of some TLC. Unfortunately, I can’t afford putting in central air conditioning just yet, so I’ll have to settle for a new roof (a need) and new windows (a compromise). I never knew being a homeowner would be so expensive. Still, it’s better than living in an apartment with neighbors above who sound like they’re running a brothel.

Commissioned the artwork for the next Kin Wars novel. I also decided that WINTERBORN will be Book 1 of the Kin Wars Legacy series, since Kin Wars Saga seemed to have a good end-point at the end of HOMEGUARD. I’ll be showing off the cover art and whatnot soon-ish. I’ve worked with this artist before and I know what she’s capable of, so I’m super excited to see her bring my vision to life. After T/S Epic Fantasy novel is completed I’ll be finishing up two separate Four Horsemen novels. The first one is the third Sunshine book, which I don’t really have a title for yet. The second (which is already 25% complete) is set in the same series and time as GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY and is tentatively titled THE EXECUTIONERS. It’s darker and more violent than GD but I really love the concept. Hopefully it does as well as the other 4HU books I’ve written.

Not much else happening right now. Tried to do some of the virtual Dragoncon stuff this past weekend but this laptop is dyyyyyying slowly, so streaming and/or watching a livestream is problematic right now. I might buy a new laptop for Christmas this year. Not sure.

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