The Christmas Update

I had a friend reach out to me this evening and it reminded me that I haven’t updated the website in almost two months.


So what’s new, you ask? Well, I turned in the epic fantasy novel on October 30 and now am waiting to hear back on that from the editor. While that was going on, I went ahead and started the sequel. That’s about 15% complete at the moment. There are a few things I’m waiting to hear back from the editor about, so there’s not much further I can go for the time being. I also started writing… a thing, which has morphed from a short story into a full fledged trilogy, a fanfic in another established universe that my psyche just wouldn’t shake no matter how much I drank. I hate when my brain does that. It’s like a dog chasing after a firetruck but once it grabs it, the silly dog doesn’t let do. On the plus side, it’s my first foray into urban fantasy and has been a blast to write. I’ve been cranking it out over the past two weeks and it’s already 50,000 words complete. Yeah, if I continue this pace it’ll be done by Jan 1.

That’s what a completely focused Cordova-brain can accomplish in a relatively short amount of time.

I also am in two anthologies coming out in 2021, both from Baen Books. I’ve mentioned them before, but I have full-on covers now. My name is on one of them. Booyah! Pretty sweet. Graduating from Team “…and more” any time now.

Stay safe this holiday season.

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