Back To Work

Well, now that all the kerfuffle is over and done with (he said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice), we can go back to the things people come to this site for in the first place — writing.

I haven’t gotten much creative writing done this past week. Yes, I’m a slacker. I know. Been too busy writing about attacks on my publisher and my friends, as well as a very odd attack on someone I have a lot of respect for. However, I’ve procrastinated enough this week. It’s time to get back to Westland.

I did manage to get a few thousand words down. Not my usual 2,500 words per day, mind you, but a little bit. That’s going to murder my word count for the month of February. I suppose I could blame it on being a short month? Yeah, that sounds good. DAMN YOU FEBRUARY AND YOUR 28 DAYS!!!

Interesting note: last night discovered that my coauthor also loves the EPL (English Premier League, i.e., soccer) and agrees with me that their promotion system in place is probably the best thing ever for professional sports.

Ah well, back to work. This book isn’t going to write itself.

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