A Month Already? Oops.

I’ve been taking a break from a lot of things online as I rushed to finish a short story. The story, “A Most Dangerous Game,” should be seen in an upcoming Salvage Universe anthology (created by Kevin Steverson) in the near-future. I was happy with it and the editor enjoyed the story, so hopefully the fans of this best-selling universe will as well.

In the meantime, I’m hard at work on a surprise novel. Since I found myself between projects right now, I went ahead and continued working on WINTERBORN, the next book set in the Kin Wars Universe.

A lot of people might be a tad surprised at this. Last year, CKP declined the final four books in the universe after the publication of HOMEGUARD. I didn’t fault them for it, really. It was a good break in the series, and with so many similar series out there they publish it made good business sense for them to move on. It did leave me holding a 3/4 finished novel, though. I let it sit in the Kin Wars folder on my laptop for an entire year before opening it up once more. Fresh eyes really did show me a lot, but I think the best part about it was that I found I still loved the universe I had created, as well as all of the characters. So I asked myself “why not?”

I commissioned some cover art (what I’ve seen so far of the concept sketches and designs from them are amazing) and am hiring an editor to give the book a good once-over. I’m gunning for a Nov. 9, 2021 release date which should be doable as long as I stick to my schedule. It’s my second foray into self-publishing (the first being A CHRISTMAS SURPRISE), but the first time I’ve done a “serious” SF novel with this route. I’m nervous, of course, but also stoked. Complete control over my work is both terrifying, and liberating.

In the meantime, lots of other projects in the forge being hammered and ironed out. Due date for MONSTER HUNTER MEMOIRS: FEVER, co-written by Larry Correia, is looming. I’m not too worried about it, though. Neither one of us are really known for missing deadlines. Also due around the same time is the Baen anthology I’m editing, CHICKS IN TANK TOPS. This one has me a little more concerned because I’m relying on others to turn their stories in on time. Still, each and every one of the contributors is a professional and I’m not stressing out (too much). On top of those two, I still have a JTF-13 novel to turn in before the end of the year, as well as the two Four Horsemen novels wrapping up my characters’ story arcs. Oh, and another short story for a Halloween anthology… I think it’s horror? I’m not entirely certain. I’m going to have to ask the editor.

Yeah, Cordova stays busy.

As for real life?

Little League baseball season ended with the team finishing with a 7-7 record. Not bad, all things considered. I’ve been asked to coach again next year but I’m a in a “wait and see” mode right now, because of extenuating circumstances surrounding life in general — i.e., I’m really looking at moving this year. No reason in particular. Just need access to a larger airport, which my tiny little Appalachian town does not have. Oh, and more food options.

I just got back from the beach yesterday. It was nice spending 8 days not worrying about life in general. I feel recharged and energized, as well as a strong desire to live at the beach. I lived at the beach before when I was in a group home down in Imperial Beach, CA, but this would be different. Of course, the housing costs down there could be generously described as “absolutely ridonkulous” but hey, dream big and work hard… luck finds a way of finding you.

Cats were happy to see us. Mostly. I’m pretty sure my writing partner Casper decided to pee on the brand new couch (thanks buddy) in protest of me being gone. Good thing the slip cover is washable. Still… not something you want to come home to.

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