URBICIDE — Coming Sept 3

My sometimes co-author/editor Jamie Ibson has a book coming out this Friday. It’s his first ever standalone book in his own universe. You want to get in on the ground floor of some sweet, sweet all-new cyberpunk? This is your chance.

Available this Friday on Amazon — URBICIDE, Book One of Myrmidons, Inc.

Also, you should sign up for his newsletter. He’s always giving away free short stories for those who sign up. He also links with others who do the same.

Why don’t I do this? Well, truth be told, I’m about to start doing it again. I’ve got two Tobias Fox stories ready and waiting, though I might combine them into a novella. We shall see.

If you want a sample of Jamie’s other work, he wrote PACIFIC SHOGUN. Samurai in a post-fallen world Seattle. What’s not to enjoy?

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