The Kin Wars on Kindle Unlimited

This links to KU collection. Click the link. Click it. Cleeeeeeeeeeeek it.

My publisher, Theogony Books, moved all of the Kin Wars books back onto Kindle Unlimited today. We’re super excited about this because it means those who prefer to read primarily through the KU program can now delve into the Espinoza family adventures.

Yes, authors still get paid if you read in KU. The more people who read, the more we get paid.

Awww yeah.

2 thoughts on “The Kin Wars on Kindle Unlimited

  1. Hi jason i have just finished your kin wars series, what an awesome book set, start to finish i couldn’t put them down , so now that i am done,
    Are you doing a book 5 , and if you are when

    • Hi Michael,

      I currently am wrapping up book 5 (the cover is around here somewhere) and have plans to do 3 more books after this. I’m glad you enjoyed the books. I really loved writing them.

      Best regards,


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