The Mysteriously Disappearing Author

“Where has Jason been?” I’m sure someone asked. In fact, I’m almost positive I heard it come from the peanut gallery.

Well, I turned in the final draft of CHICKS IN TANK TOPS to Baen Books on Thursday, so that’s eaten up a lot of my time. I also traveled to another state for a job interview — we’ll see how that turns out. I have high hopes it’ll work out for all parties involved, and then I’ll have an awesome new job with a company I’ve always wanted to work for.

I’ve also been elbow-deep in THE EXECUTIONERS, the next Four Horsemen Universe (4HU) novel I’m co-authoring with Matt Novotny. We spoke about the book last night and I have to admit, it’s really coming together. He was a bit worried because we’re 60k words into the book and haven’t written the 3rd act yet, but to allay his fears I pointed out that I’ve had entire 3rd acts of books be a single chapter. No stress. We’ve got this. At the current pace we’re going, this should be wrapped up by the end of the month, first week of Dec at the latest.

I also owe a short story to a fantasy anthology by the end of the month, but I’ve already got it plotted and titled, so it should be fairly simple. Then it’s back to the finishing touches of WINTERBORN, and then a simultaneous write with HAMMERFALL and ON A CLOUDY DAY. The first is Book 6 of the Kin Wars and mostly done, while the latter is the final book in Sunshine’s trilogy set in the 4HU and needs to be written soonish.

After that, it should be on to MONSTER HUNTER MEMOIRS: FEVER with Larry Correia. It’s pretty close to being done, so we should be able to knock it out in a hurry. Hard to say with absolute certainty, though. Larry’s been absolutely swamped lately, and he makes my workload look like a weekend vacation. Nonetheless, it’s going to be an awesome book, and everyone knows you don’t rush awesome, so…

But back to CHICKS IN TANK TOPS… I received word from the publisher that the anthology should come out in Q1 of 2023, which is fine by me. I love the holiday season but December is usually a bad month for book-buying. A Jan or Feb release will be better because all those people with gift cards (the “get me a gift card so I can buy books with them” crowd knows who they are) will be looking at new releases. So Q1 2023 is awesome.

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Especially when it means standing up to the Darkness…

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2 thoughts on “The Mysteriously Disappearing Author

  1. I know you are staying off platforms, please do drop a line about the work thing if it works out. Fingers crossed. Looking forward to Chicks and Fever. Also the anthologies mostly. I am so far behind in the 4HU that I’m tracking anthologies to stay mostly on top of it.

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