It Keeps Food in the Kitchen

Oh look, Jason forgot to update again.

<<insert dramatic sigh here>>

Still working through the edits for Chicks in Tank Tops. I have the final story in and, with only a few minor tweaks and edits needed, the book should be ready for its January 2023 anticipated release. Things happen, though, so that release date isn’t set in stone just yet. I do know who the cover artist is going to be, though. Dave Seeley is an amazing artist who’s done Into the Real by John Ringo & Lydia Sherrer and Rich Man’s Sky by Wil McCarthy. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

The Executioners is drawing nigh. Matt and I have really been pushing this one hard in preparation. So far I’ve heard lots of positive things about it, so we shall see. It’s always awesome/nerve-wracking to see your book hit the hands of the paying customers.

Right now, besides the edits for Chicks in Tank Tops, I’m working on a short story due (overdue, Jason… be honest here) for an anthology set in the JTF-13 universe. It’s almost done, I just need to sit down and finish it. Maybe tomorrow? Probably tomorrow.

Then it’s wrapping up Winterborn and getting that off to the first readers (two weeks from now) and then punch out On A Cloudy Day asap. Then I can finally work on the Imperium stuff I’ve been holding off on. Sometime in that mix Larry and I will also finish up Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever.

Staying busy keeps the food in the kitchen.

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