Win Free Books!

Oh yeah, that got your attention.

For September, I’m joining D.J. Butler, Richard Paolinelli, Sean Patrick Hazlett, and Monalisa Foster in giving away five free autographed copies of our books. I’ll be giving away WRAITHKIN, Book One of the Kin Wars. Here is a list of the other books you can win as well:

  • WHEN THE GODS FELL by Richard Paolinelli
  • WEIRD WORLD WAR IV edited by Sean Patrick Hazlett

“How do I get a shot at winning all of these books?” you’re already asking. Well, if you click on this link and follow D.J. Butler’s instructions, everything will be made clear.

(This part I stole from Butler’s page because he is much more concise about how to earn multiple entries for the contest.)

BUT CHECK THIS OUT: In addition, you’ll be sent a confirmation email (check your junk or spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox). The link in that email will send you to a page of social media sharing buttons. If you share the giveaway via those buttons, then for each person who enters the giveaway through your shared links, you get more entries in the giveaway.

We would REALLY like people to reshare this, so we’re upping the referral bonus from the standard 3 to 7. In otherwords, IF YOUR FRIEND ENTERS THROUGH A LINK YOU SHARED VIA THE SOCIAL MEDIA LANDING PAGE, YOU GET SEVEN MORE CHANCES TO WIN.

(PLEASE NOTE: Entering the giveaway will enroll you in the mailing list of each author. Being on the mailing lists means you’ll get notifications about more giveaways, appearances, and publications. It’s easy to unsubscribe if you don’t want to be on any or all of the lists, and we won’t be offended.)

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get on this and win some free books!

For added bonus, here is a Youtube video with D.J. Butler and Sean Patrick Hazlett explaining how to enter the drawing.


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