The Midjourney Presidents — Part 1

I’ve been playing around with the AI painting program Midjourney (instead of writing… I know, I know) and decided I was going to do a gallery of presidents. I actually started with the more recent ones before realizing it would be better to start at the beginning.

I resisted the urge to start with King George. You’re welcome.

Convincing the AI to paint in a certain style of author has upsides as well as drawbacks. Here, the AI decided “in style of Van Gogh” meant they all needed to look like his famous self-portrait. So for those of you who think AI is going to kill traditional artists, worry not.

The styling here is interesting. The AI almost could have passed this one off as Van Gogh. It’s learning, but… why the headgear?

I actually like the Van Gogh one here better. Again with the headgear though. Come on, Midjourney, do more.

Hmmm… is that Jefferson or General Sherman? The AI really emphasized the cheekbones on this one. Interesting choice… but the hat?!

This is an interesting blend of Van Gogh’s self-portrait and the presidential portrait of James Madison. I dig the AI trying something different with the facial shadows. Hat!!!

This one isn’t bad. I like the AI followed the prompts better than before. And hey, no hat! Yay!

I’ll post some more tomorrow when I’m procrastinating with the current book taking a break from the current work in progress. These are rather fun to do.


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