Another Cover Reveal

I wonder if people are getting tired of these yet? This is Kaiju Apocalypse III (not our most original of titles, we know). This is the final book in this series of novellas, and this was Eric's baby (I suck and only contributed a little). On the plus side, this coming weekend Eric and I are going... Continue Reading →

Time Consuming

A brief update, since I need to finish Kaiju Apocalypse III by tonight (yeah, this has been one tough little but to crack). Murder World: Kaiju Dawn is doing well but could use more reviews. I likened it today to "Ishiro Honda and Joss Whedon teamed up for a project". Ishiro Honda, for those who don't know, directed the very... Continue Reading →

Cover Alert

One of the nice things about Perseid Publishing (one of my publishers) is that they love gorgeous covers. Behold, the cover of the Fantom Enterprises/Perseid Publishing joint venture for What Scares the Boogeyman? featuring my short story, "The Cold".

November Begins

Okay, so I'm prepared to hear about NaNoWriMo for the next 30 days from all writers, established pros and aspiring ones alike. I literally have created a folder in my inbox to hear about how well people are doing, purely for selfish reasons (I like the idea of shooting someone an email on the 16th... Continue Reading →

Major Distraction

It's not as though I need any excuses to be lazy about finishing this book but... ...this cat is not helping. No, really. He's not "directing the muse" or "whispering ideas into my ear". He's messing with me. Really. I blame him for my missed deadlines. It's his fault.

Behold, A Finch!

I love my camera. I also love that the birds here in Kentucky like to be photographed. They're like the Kardashians of the bird world.

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