Time Consuming

A brief update, since I need to finish Kaiju Apocalypse III by tonight (yeah, this has been one tough little but to crack). Murder World: Kaiju Dawn is doing well but could use more reviews. I likened it today to “Ishiro Honda and Joss Whedon teamed up for a project”. Ishiro Honda, for those who don’t know, directed the very first Godzilla movie. Joss Whedon, for those of you who don’t know… no. Not doing it. If you don’t know… Leave. Just leave. Leave this website and never return.

No review this week over at SBR, mainly because I haven’t read anything new lately (not counting Dave Freer’s Stardogs, which was good but I need to reread in order to figure out a few things that I had questioned during the book). Maybe next week I’ll have Stardogs up. Depends on how fast I finished up I, Godslayer.

I never thought that the life of a writer would be so bloody time consuming.

MW KD cover

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