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Book Release Day!

I do seem to be having a lot of these lately, don’t I?

The Good, The Bad, and The Merc is currently live on Amazon. My short story, Keep the Home Fires Burning, continues the tale of the Kakata Korps as they take a new contract and discover a new purpose in life.

I really enjoy writing about the Liberian mercs and I’m hoping to eventually put a novel down about them. Chris and Mark seemed enthused by the idea but with the schedule I have right now it would be a little difficult to fit it in. Nonetheless, it’s there in the head, which means eventually it’ll get written.


“Keep the Home Fires Burning” – Published 2017


Wronged Way

Cedar had an interesting post yesterday over at the Mad Genius Club (I actually missed the original post because I’ve been buried by basketball and finishing a book) and after reading it, I got to thinking (run! hide the women and children! he had two brain cells crash into one another on accident!) about professionalism in the publishing industry and how technology has changed the way it works.

I’ve been watching author interaction with fans now for over 7 years, mainly because I wanted to learn how to interact with my fans (all twelve of you… hey guys!) and what not to do. Then it dawned on me that I probably shouldn’t air my grievances against a publisher out in public (this is…. wise, one would think). This should be common sense but then you throw in the whole Internet thing and suddenly common sense takes a backseat to raging on a keyboard at the world.

Too often these days people forget about decorum because they are protected by the anonymity of online interactions. The web can protect folks from repercussions of their words online and gives people a false sense of courage. It’s easy to slam someone when hiding behind a firewall. It’s far more difficult to do it in person, to their face. There’s always the off-chance that calling someone a foul name to their face will get you kicked in the nuts.

One of the things I fall into the trap of is reading about when people are piling on an individual about some stupid thing they said or did online and nodding along, saying “Yep, they deserve what they’re getting right now.” It’s not really fair because, more often than not, what was posted was probably in the heat of the moment and the person wasn’t thinking clearly through their rage. I’ve been there, done that, copyrighted the hell out of it, so I understand completely.

So when Cedar talked about professionalism, I was kinda taken aback by the tone of some of the commentators on the private forum who had saved the epic rage-quit letter in question.

I felt that too many people wanted to revel in glee at the misfortune of the person in question (seriously, go read Cedar’s piece. It’s pretty good) and focus on the negativity, instead of feeling sorry for the author who felt that a rage-letter to her publisher was the way to go. I’ve seen many careers in the past go down in flames because of letters like that. Nowadays? Not so much, because most authors understand that everything they do online stays online. Publishers also understand this, though to a lesser extent. Authors talk to one another, as do publishers. It’s very easy to find oneself under a blacklist when you bad mouth a publisher (alternatively, piling on another seems to benefit others, but that still doesn’t make it right).

While I haven’t always been pleased with some of my past publishers and how they treated me, I kept my grievances mostly private. I’ve warned a few authors away who I felt may have been harmed in their business dealings with those publishers, but overall I simply let it be. It doesn’t help me one bit to attack someone who I don’t like or have worked with in the past.

Now, I know I’m not perfect. Sometimes when I get all worked up and pissed off I will go on a warpath (the Empress Theresa incident is a good example), but I do try to avoid this. In private, at home? With my cats staring at me like I’m insane? Oh yeah. They know how I feel. But everyone else? Nope. That stays between me and the cats (who were probably ignoring me anyways, so I’m good there).

What do you think? Should authors publicly call out publishers and other authors who they dislike or feel as if they’ve been wronged by?


It’s basketball season at last and I of course forgot my day over at the Mad Genius Club. Undoubtedly this will lead to me being replaced by someone crazier than I.

Just a quick update letting everyone know that I’m still around. Turned in Devastator last week and am almost finished with Deathlord. Meanwhile, Keep the Home Fires Burning is coming out in two weeks in the latest Four Horsemen anthology, The Good, The Bad, and The Merc. After that will be a new Sha’Daa anthology, called Sha’Daa: Toys. Then… I don’t know, really.

The turnaround time is really short these days.

The Streets Are Paved With Gold and Broken Dreams

There are days where everything you touch turns to gold, where the people who follow you walk along the streets and sing your praises and the marching band behind them is in perfect formation as they play “Louie, Louie”. The days where the heaven and earth both rejoice in the absolute amazing day that you are having.

…and then there are days like today.

I like to consider myself a pretty smart guy. I mean, outside of the usual “yeah, I went to college, I’m smart” statement, I consider myself intelligent. I mean, I’m no Einstein, but I can hum a few bars once in awhile. For some reason though, today while I was trying to explain things I sounded like the biggest idiot in the world. I’m talking mistake after mistake, which would then compound on top of things, and then throw in the fact that I was a nervous wreck and you have the perfect storm of Jasonidiocy (totally a thing now).

So then tonight I was feeling down. Other stuff going on got to me and I started thinking. When I’m depressed a bit and get to thinking, this is usually a bad sign… except for when I’m writing, then it’s a great sign, because it means that a planet is about to die in a book. But then I spoke with one of my residents and he told me that he’d never been given a pair of new basketball shoes before. He usually got stuff from Goodwill (which is no knock on Goodwill; I’ve gotten plenty of khakis and sweaters there myself) but he’d never had a pair of new, only been worn by him shoes.

So tonight I decided that I was going to buy this kid some new shoes.

I’d set aside some money the past two months so I can get myself new shoes. My current ones are ratty and have a suspicious hole near the big toe, but they’re not my only pair, merely my fave (Merrell makes good shoes). So instead of wasting money on me and feeling like a bigger turd (I hate spending money on myself) I went ahead and got him a brand new pair of Under Armor Clutchfit Drive 3 (they were on sale) so he can play basketball in something other than old deck shoes (yes, he plays basketball in sailing shoes because that’s all he has).

It helped me feel better. I don’t have a particularly strong relationship with the kid (I see him at meals, and at the gym on campus), and I have no idea how long he’s going to be here, but at least I know for now that he can play basketball in something he can call his own.

Gift giving is about fulfilling a need sometimes. That’s what it was for me today. It fulfilled my need to help someone who has worse luck than I because even though my day was crap, not everyone’s needs to be.

Cover Reveal (Again)!

This is actually pretty cool.

In 2014 my coauthor (Eric S. Brown) and I wrote a “trilogy” (more like one book split into 3 novellas) called the Kaiju Apocalypse series.. It made us a bit of money and we actually hit the bestseller list with it for about two weeks.

In 2016 the largest publisher in Japan, Takeshobo, purchased the Japanese rights to the trilogy. The trilogy was converted into one novel, Kaiju Apocalypse, and published as a mass market paperback in Japan this past September. Eric and I only heard about it two weeks ago. I’ve been so busy at work and finishing Devastator (as well as the short stories “Keep the Home Fires Burning” and “Terrance the Terrible Toy Train of Terrano”
) that it completely slipped my mind.

Pardon the graininess of the image. It was downloaded from their site and then blown up a bit so people can see it.

Kaiju Apocalypse - Japanese Edition

Kaiju Apocalypse (Japanese Edition) Published 2017

My name looks cool in Japanese. Still waiting for my print copies of it, btw.



Cover Reveal!

The next anthology I’ll be featured in, and the third anthology in the 4 Horsemen Universe. The boys from Liberia are back in action as the Kakata Korps are tasked with a dangerous mission. What happens next can save a people — or destroy them completely!

Coming late 2017!


World of Tanks and Me

Way back when they had different servers on World of Tanks, an East and a West. The East server was very popular and hosted anywhere from 20k-25k players per night, while the West was a little more sparsely populated, perhaps 6k-10k. It was good, if a little broken on quality of matches. You wanted competitive matches, you played East. You want to stat pad, go West young lad.

Then a new patch came out and suddenly the East server was bogged down with micro lag spikes. It did not matter where you were located in relation to the server, you suffered from micro spikes. This was probably due to packet dumps that occurred in-game (theory, not proven) but nonetheless it created an environment in the game that effectively neutered the quick-reactions needed for scout players. Instead of constantly moving to keep arty and bigger tanks from destroying you, a scout now had to rely on passive scouting only. It took aggressive scout players (hi! like me!!!) out of the game. It did not affect the heavy tanks and tank destroyers as much, and it did nothing to arty players sky cancer, but scouts and mediums almost became unplayable. I quit the game for about 3 months at this point.

Then one day I stumbled upon the fact that the West server did not suffer from the weird micro spikes. Even though I’m on the East Coast the ping rate was better tapping into the West server than it was in the East. World of Tanks became playable again and I was happy.

Then Wargaming decided, in its infinite wisdom (i.e., stupidity) to combine the West and East server into a single Central server. Irritated, I continued to play, though I knew that one day the micro spikes would return.

The new server worked well, however, though my ping rate went from a happy 30-35 to a solid 100. I was able to continue playing, but I noticed that a lot of the random matchmaking was hardcore borked. One team would be heavily stacked and the other be the “leftovers”. Nonetheless, while my Win Rate dropped, my Wn8 (personal statistical counter) continued to rise. I tolerated it, even though I constantly was the best player on a team full of window lickers.

This morning, Wargaming released Patch 9.20.1. I usually play World of Tanks in the morning before I begin to write, so I figured I would check it out before I finished Devastator. I played a match in the T28, my super-slow TD that is a hard camper, and didn’t notice any micro spikes. So I played a game in the T21, which I am arguably one of the best players in the game in this tank. Immediately I noticed that there was a massive amount of lag spikes and micro spikes, all of which led to me getting derped when I pretty much teleported out into the open and parked in front of an enemy KV-2.

I know that every player of the game just collectively winced and muttered “poor bastard”.

One derp shot later and I was turning off the game. Once more I am quitting World of Tanks until this micro spike issue is resolved. I’ve hung with the game for about 6 years now, played it professionally for a full year at one point, but I can’t play a game that bogs down like this. I’m going to quit the clan I’m in right now to create space for new players and will not touch the game until they release a micropatch to fix the lag spikes.

I try not to be too demanding, but when you invest as much time, effort, and money into something as I have, you expect a reasonable return on your investment and not a middle finger. Hell, we built a desktop gaming PC just for this game for competitive purposes!

Since they neutered the game once more, I guess it’s time to go back to Cities: Skylines and build crap until they fix it. The only problem with that is C:S is a time suck, unlike World of Tanks.

Fix the problem, Wargaming, and quit fucking with the game.

Deep In A Project

I’ve been quiet lately on all forms of social media, which means I’ve been buried in a book that is on a deadline. Fortunately, I was looking it over today and saw that I shall indeed make this deadline (by four days, no less) and can then turn my full and undivided attention onto the other one. Then… books 3 and 4 of The Warp, and then Book 3 of the Kin Wars Saga.

My publisher keeps me busy.

Quick Update

So when Corruptor went live last Friday, I neglected to mention that there is new content within as well as a new ending. The print book also went from 300 pages to 450. Yeah, that’s a bit of a jump. Best of all, the novel (and series) was reclassified as YA, which is what it had been written as originally before I changed it for the original publisher.

Pick up a copy and leave a review. You’ll make an author happy.


Corruptor – Book 1 of The Warp

Book Release Day!

So today Corruptor (Book 1 of The Warp) went live for a second time and is available for purchase. It has entirely new content within as well as a new cover on the outside. The print version is over 450 pages!!!


Corruptor – Published Sept 8, 2017

Secondly, I’m giving away the novella The Dead of Babylon from now until Monday. It’s alt-history with a dash of horror. I enjoyed writing it and might one day revisit the idea.

In the meantime, don’t forget to leave reviews!