As always, Brandy and her crew put on one amazing shindig and I had a great time! It was especially notable because not only did I manage to sell a lot of stickers to support my campaign election, but I got to hear a massive HOON! in the process. But I’m getting ahead of myself […]

First, some background. I have quite a few publishers (fourteen to be exact), with the largest being my Japanese publisher Takeshobo. They did the Japanese translation and distribution of the Kaiju Apocalypse trilogy as a single book. I’m not hear to talk about them, though. The publishers I’m talking about today, however, are Chris Kennedy Publishing and Baen […]

It’s that time of the year again. Time to dust off the lanyard and hoist the black flag, because we’re going to Libertycon! (probably)

This year’s schedule is packed. I’m busy from the moment the con opens at 1:00PM Friday afternoon until closing ceremonies on Sunday. I will be out and about like a madman and hopefully will be able to see everyone I plan on seeing.

If you see Chris Smith and I with out heads together talking and taking notes, please leave us be. We have a book due soon and, uh, we kinda sorta have a rough outline. Of the third act.

Without further ado, here is my schedule for Libertycon XXXI. My comments and personal feelings follow in italics for those of you here for the first time.

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  First they came for John Ringo, but I said nothing, for I was not John Ringo. Next they came for Larry Correia, but this time I spoke up, for Larry is a brother to me, and I will bleed for my brother, and I will show no fear in the face of our enemy. […]

I swear, I look down, get back to writing, look back up… and it’s almost been a month since an update. How does time do this to me? Well, this week I had not one but TWO cover reveals occur. The first one is the one that everybody has been waiting for, and HOLY CRAP […]

Sometimes when I’m at work I lose track of days. It’s not really surprising when I think it’s a Saturday and I realize no, it’s a Wednesday. ….today is still Tuesday, yeah? Wrote quite a goodly chunk on Deathlords today. I’m really feeling it right now and seeds of the fabled plot crop I planted in Wraithkin are finally […]

Yes, the title is correct. Darkling is now live and available over on Amazon. I’m super excited about this. How excited? So excited I’m going to be running a giveaway for a copy of Wraithkin, Darkling, and Kraken Mare, all autographed. All you need to do is Tweet it, tag me in it (@warpcordova), and voila! one entry. You can also tag […]