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Two great things for today. First, FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE is out in the wild. Barnes & Noble called and told me they had copies in the store, which I'd asked for (I like to stealth sign books). I think Friday I'm going into Roanoke to sign all the copies at both B&N stores. Assuming they still... Continue Reading →


Only two more days until the FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE anthology comes out. I'm super stoked about this one, since my story "The Prayer Wheel", is possibly one of my favorite short stories I've ever written. I also signed a contract to be in the next Freehold Universe anthology, tentatively titled FREEHOLD: DEFIANCE. I have one short... Continue Reading →

Halls Getting Decked

It's Friday, which means I have friends releasing a book today! Kevin Ikenberry and Quincy Allen have released Book 1 of the Four Horsemen Sagas branch of the Four Horsemen Universe today, titled ENFORCER. What makes this one really cool is this book is the direct sequel of my book GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY with Jamie Ibson,... Continue Reading →


I'm supposed to be raking up leaves and bagging them so the city can pick them up. It's cold out, though, and I don't feel like it. In (edit: ONE WEEK... apparently my math is as bad as I remember it being in college) two weeks the next Freehold Universe anthology, FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE will be... Continue Reading →

Book Cover Reveal

I've been having a lot of these this year, courtesy of producing a LOT of written material. GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY will be out on Jan 3, 2020. Co-authored with the always entertaining Jamie Ibson, here is the cover as well as the entire cover art wrap (for the print editions). The pirate kitty skull in the... Continue Reading →

Release Date Confirmed

I was informed the release date for my next novel published by Seventh Seal Press (an imprint of Chris Kennedy Publishing) will be released Jan 3, 2020. That's right, Jamie and I have the first book coming out in 2020. We're extremely excited about the potential of GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY and what it means to the... Continue Reading →


On November 3, 2010, my very first novel ever was officially published. Corruptor was a YA story which told the story of a young girl trapped within a virtual reality video game with friends and enemies alike trying to find their way out while being held hostage. It did okay but interest in it waned... Continue Reading →

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