Good Morning Stench

Ah, there's nothing quite like the smell of raw sewage in the morning. Somewhere near my house there's a sewer line issue. It's not my house, thankfully. At least, I'm pretty sure it's not. Fortunately, the smell isn't really noticeable in my office or bedroom. Anywhere there's an open window, though... ugh. I'm currently taking … Continue reading Good Morning Stench

Dog Days

It's tough to write during the dog days of summer. Especially when you're like me and don't function well in the heat. I swear my next house will have central A/C and good insulation. I've been doing a lot of quiet "behind the scenes" stuff when it comes to writing the past few weeks. Primarily, … Continue reading Dog Days

Guest of Honor

I received my first Guest of Honor for a convention this coming September. I'll be the Guest of Honor at WyvaCon, a science fiction and gaming convention in Wytheville, VA this coming September 18--19, 2021. I've been an attending guest the past few times I attended and always had a good time. I'm really looking … Continue reading Guest of Honor

Book Release Day

WE SHALL RISE, the third anthology set in John Ringo's New York Times bestselling Black Tide Rising universe, drops today. In it you'll find stories from Kevin J. Anderson & Kevin Ikenberry, Brendon DuBois, Jody Lynn Nye, Michael Z. Williamson & Stephanie Osborne, Mike Massa, Kacey Ezell, Christopher L. Smith & Brent Roeder, Lydia Sherrer, … Continue reading Book Release Day

Fallout From The Slanderous Article of Jason Sanford Ends Any Respectability For Worldcon

I'm too pissed off to write. Thankfully, Larry Correia seems to write better when angry. When I get mad, I typically clean my house. The damn kitchen is going to sparkle when I'm done today. Dear WorldCon,You are cowards.Several years ago, because some of you were angry at me for getting a bunch of people … Continue reading Fallout From The Slanderous Article of Jason Sanford Ends Any Respectability For Worldcon