The State of the Author – 2019 in Review

Personally, 2019 was probably one of the hardest years I've dealt with in a very long time. Professionally? It was my best. I don't deal with loss well. It's part of the reason I don't "bond" well with people. I can connect, but a deep bond is very hard for me to do, and even... Continue Reading →

Baby Kaiju Sighting!

NORAD every year tracks Santa as he makes his way across the US because we don't want another incident like in 1991, when two F-18's were scrambled out of Lackland AFB when an unidentified aircraft violated the restricted airspace. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed when the UFO was identified as a sleigh being pulled by eight... Continue Reading →

Webster Award Finalist

Just found out this morning that my novel, SONS OF THE LION, is a finalist for the Webster Award handed out at Ravencon in Virginia next year. The Webster Award is awarded to Virginia's best author. I'm competing against my friend R. S. Belcher this year. Last year my other friend and publisher, Chris Kennedy,... Continue Reading →

The Match of the Century

I've had to step back from social media this past week. It's not for anything bad. It's just quickly becoming a time sink where I spend more time responding to... whatever somebody is butthurt about this week instead of writing. It's why I like this website. My home, my rules, and people don't have to... Continue Reading →

More Of This

Two great things for today. First, FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE is out in the wild. Barnes & Noble called and told me they had copies in the store, which I'd asked for (I like to stealth sign books). I think Friday I'm going into Roanoke to sign all the copies at both B&N stores. Assuming they still... Continue Reading →


Only two more days until the FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE anthology comes out. I'm super stoked about this one, since my story "The Prayer Wheel", is possibly one of my favorite short stories I've ever written. I also signed a contract to be in the next Freehold Universe anthology, tentatively titled FREEHOLD: DEFIANCE. I have one short... Continue Reading →

Halls Getting Decked

It's Friday, which means I have friends releasing a book today! Kevin Ikenberry and Quincy Allen have released Book 1 of the Four Horsemen Sagas branch of the Four Horsemen Universe today, titled ENFORCER. What makes this one really cool is this book is the direct sequel of my book GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY with Jamie Ibson,... Continue Reading →


I'm supposed to be raking up leaves and bagging them so the city can pick them up. It's cold out, though, and I don't feel like it. In (edit: ONE WEEK... apparently my math is as bad as I remember it being in college) two weeks the next Freehold Universe anthology, FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE will be... Continue Reading →

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