Don’t Stop

It's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and all I've been seeing from friends is how this year they are going to crush it. Me? Well, I decided to do a different route. I've been bad about updating the website over the past.... nine years. Yeah, this started off as a weird blog before I was... Continue Reading →


My earliest science fiction memory wasn't the normal one. I remember I was a young child on my way somewhere. One of the group homes I was at was going on a weekend camping trip to Lake Mead, and the four of us kids were sleeping in the back of the truck underneath the protective... Continue Reading →

Name of the Game?

I just got back from Colorado yesterday and I'm still beat, so I'll make this brief. I might put up a full-on AAR about the Colorado trip but then, it was pretty boring. The train trip was... interesting, to say the least, Patchouli Rod, you shall live on forever in infamy. Two new anthology invites... Continue Reading →

A Plan Comes Together

Just a quick update to let everyone who comes here that yes, I am still alive and no, I haven't stopped writing. Far from it, in fact. Right now my problem seems to be too many pieces of iron in the forge. My co-author Jamie Ibson and I have finally settled on a title for... Continue Reading →

Migrating and Awards

I received a bit of good advice once from a man who doesn't like me. He told me "social media platforms come and go, but your website... well, that's yours." Indeed it is. The past 72 hours I've seen multiple utspoken friends banned from using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook under what a lot of people... Continue Reading →

Still Awesome

The talented design team over at Mottfolio Design came up with this amazing design header for me. Love their work. The news is still shocking, to say the least. They say I'm a huge long shot but then, I did happen to be in a movie titled 50 to 1 a few years ago. Perhaps... Continue Reading →

2019 Dragon Award Finalist

Yeah, you read that correctly. My novel, Sons of the Lion, is a 2019 finalist for Best Military SciFi or Fantasy novel. What's really cool/interesting is that I didn't even campaign for it! Hell, I didn't even nominate myself. I have the world's coolest fans and friends. Thank you all for your support. Don't forget,... Continue Reading →

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