The Working Man

Part of the writing process often involves sitting back, looking over what you've done, feeling pleased and accomplished with yourself, and then ruthlessly cutting most of it during the edits. My writer--brain screams in pain every time I do this. My editor--brain chuckles evilly. One of the things I've seen over the years is that … Continue reading The Working Man


I'm doing some editing on Hill 142 right now, thanks to my newly-appointed Beta Readers. Alpha Reader took a backseat to this one, primarily because she doesn't know the subject matter. Plus, she's busy. I also just signed up to do six additional anthologies. I don't know what the hell I was thinking but, again, it should … Continue reading Editin’

Random Ramblings

I was all set to review David Weber's A Beautiful Friendship over at SBR today until my brain went ffff-phat! (seriously, make that sound. That's what my brain did). The grey matter hit the proverbial brick wall and the results... aren't pretty. On the plus side, I am doing a tiny bit of editing. You see, you don't necessarily need … Continue reading Random Ramblings