Random Ramblings

I was all set to review David Weber’s A Beautiful Friendship over at SBR today until my brain went ffff-phat! (seriously, make that sound. That’s what my brain did). The grey matter hit the proverbial brick wall and the results… aren’t pretty. 

On the plus side, I am doing a tiny bit of editing. You see, you don’t necessarily need any brain matter to edit, but the ability to say “Everything sucks!” before tearing into it. It makes the process so much easier.

NaNoWriMo-ers, how goes it? I keep hearing that this year is going badly for the few who have reported in. Is it the weather? The lack of drive? Tell me, please. I’m curious to hear what is going on out in the real writing world.

I should get around to putting up a tasting sample of Wake sometime soon. I’m delaying because until I see the contract (I’ve have a hard “we’re taking it” from the publisher, but am waiting on contract to be in hand like a good little writer) I don’t want to accidentally break the rules.

You know, again.

Besides, if I break the rules, I do it on purpose. That way, not only will I own up to it, I can proudly say “Yep, totally flaunting that broken rule in your face” while stealing the last of your Twinkies.

Speaking of… they better not kill Ding-Dongs.

Those are the only things worth living for.

Well, enjoy a picture I took recently. Image

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