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End of March

I didn’t want to post this tomorrow because half the people would be thinking it was some sort of April Fool’s Day joke. I, for one, plan on not being online tomorrow, because the amount of photoshopped images of Fox bringing Firefly back will be more than I can handle.

You guys are awesome. Have I said that lately? During the release of HOMEGUARD, we got it up to #2 in Hot New Releases on Amazon for a few hours. It has been hovering around the Top 10, even after two weeks, which is pretty damn amazing if you ask me. I couldn’t have done it without any of you, that’s for certain.

SONS OF THE LION is literally at the ending. I’m writing the final scene now, and then I’ll go through and clean it up before sending it to the first readers. They’ll offer the advice, which I may or may not take, then send it to the publisher. Hoping for a late June release.

Tomorrow an anthology I have a short story in, CANNON PUBLISHING’S SPRING ANTHOLOGY, will be available. You can preorder now and have it delivered to your kindle so it can be the first thing you read tomorrow. If you preorder a print copy, you could have it as soon as Tuesday. At least, that’s what the delivery options for me were.

If you’ve picked up a copy of one of my books, ask yourself this: “Have I left a review for it yet?” These reviews are important for the magical algorithms that control Amazon’s ranking and advertising structure. WRAITHKIN has 62, HOMEGUARD has 28. DEATHLORDS only has 24. I see HOMEGUARD all over the place, as well as WRAITHKIN, but I rarely see the other two in the series. Reviews matter. Even if it’s one or two lines about how much the book rocked/sucked, it helps. Don’t get me wrong here… I love 5 star reviews. But any review helps.

More stuff on the horizon. Take care!

Blog Update

Leprechauns And Reviews

Not sure if you heard or not, but Homeguard is out and currently kicking butt. We’ve already got 25 reviews, which means it is time for the Sacred Order of Barbecued Unicorns to unite (there’s a long story about that somewhere on this website, I’ll have to find it eventually) and grill up that tasty, tasty unicorn meat.

50 reviews, don’t forget, is when we get the second-to-last piece of the pirate treasure. Not sure what happens when we get 100 reviews, though I heard rumor about borrowing Amazon’s leprechaun…

Also, another publisher with an anthology I’m in is currently taking pre-orders for an upcoming anthology. My story, titled “A Chosen Moment Before“, might have been renamed to “A Chosen Moment“. Not sure yet. Quick quote from the editor made me smile.

“Done! Love it! Man, Jason Cordova’s got me right in the feels. They’re all good, though. ”

Yeah, stuff like that makes my day. Here’s a link if you’re interested in picking up a copy early. It’s set to go live April 3, but it never hurts to wake up and see a new book in your Kindle Library. Either way, as per usual, reviews are always welcome.

Still wrapping up Sons of the Lion. Very irritating that the last little bit of the book is stalling me out. I hit the halfway mark so quickly with this one that I thought I’d end up writing a book in one month. Alas, it was not meant to be. However, I’m literally writing the final fight scene and all that’s left is for the first readers to tear it apart.

I took a poll on Facebook yesterday about what project I should start next, either Warborn (Book 5 of the Kin Wars Saga) or Vindicator (Book 3 of The Warp). It was very close (52% — 48%) but Warborn won out. So once Sons of the Lion is turned in, I’m headed back to the Dominion of Man. Concurrently, I’ll be eyeballing Vindicator, you know… just in case.

Don’t forget to leave a review! Leprechauns, man. Think of what we can do with leprechauns!

Blog Update

Book Release Day

Book 4 of the Kin Wars Saga

Today marks the release of the next book in the Kin Wars Saga. I’m very proud of how well HOMEGUARD came out and I’m really looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

Don’t forget to leave a review after you pick up your copy. Amazon has avowed(1) that they would give golden unicorns to people who get over 50 reviews.

Here’s a copy of the link. Share it far and wide. Help this book get some love.

(1) Amazon has made no such promise. Artistic license was used by the author.

Blog Update

And Yet Another Cover Reveal

2019 is turning into the Year of the Cover Reveal, evidentially.

Not only is HOMEGUARD (Kin Wars Saga #4) coming out tomorrow, but today I get to reveal the cover of the next FREEHOLD anthology I’m in. Edited by Michael Z. Williamson once more, it’s due out December 3, 2019. Here she is:

$16.00 on Amazon

What a beaut, as Steve Irwin would have said. The names on that cover alone should guarantee that it sells well. It’s already up for pre-order on Amazon, so there’s no delay.

Blog Update

Two Days Left

If the news fits…

That’s right, only two days left until the release of the 4th book in the Kin Wars Saga. I’ve been waiting for HOMEGUARD for a long time, since I first started writing the series actually, because quite a bit of what has been going on so far finally comes to fruition. It’s one thing to plant a seed in a book and see it germinate into a fully fledged story idea at the end of the novel. It’s another thing entirely to see the seeds you planted three books ago finally bloom.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m super stoked about it. It has some of the most intense battle scenes I’ve ever written (and this coming from the guy who wrote the hotel room fight from Hell), as well as one of the most emotionally haunting images I’ve ever put down. Let’s face it… I’m proud of this book, and I’m hoping everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

Don’t forget to leave a review once you’ve picked up your copy. That really helps get it on other people’s radars.

HOMEGUARD, Book 4 of the Kin Wars Saga
Blog Update


Oh yeah, you read that right. WRAITHKIN is being given away this weekend for free across multiple platforms (Kobo, Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble) in preparation for the upcoming release of Book 4 in the Kin Wars Saga, HOMEGUARD.


Super stoked! Tell everyone! I want as many people as possible to get the first book of the series for FREE!


Barnes and Noble:


Blog Update

Not One but Two Cover Reveals!

That’s right, today I have two cover reveals.

The first is from a MECHA anthology that I’m in, coming out May 1st (or abouts). In this is a Kin Wars Universe short story titled Maelstrom Rising, and takes place roughly ten years before the events in Wraithkin. I thought it was a terrific little bit about rediscovering humanity when all you are is a killer.

The next one is the one I’ve been waiting for. Book 4 of the Kin Wars Saga, Homeguard, is ready and coming out in early April.

Awww yeah. 2019 is already shaping up to be a very successful year.