End of March

I didn’t want to post this tomorrow because half the people would be thinking it was some sort of April Fool’s Day joke. I, for one, plan on not being online tomorrow, because the amount of photoshopped images of Fox bringing Firefly back will be more than I can handle.

You guys are awesome. Have I said that lately? During the release of HOMEGUARD, we got it up to #2 in Hot New Releases on Amazon for a few hours. It has been hovering around the Top 10, even after two weeks, which is pretty damn amazing if you ask me. I couldn’t have done it without any of you, that’s for certain.

SONS OF THE LION is literally at the ending. I’m writing the final scene now, and then I’ll go through and clean it up before sending it to the first readers. They’ll offer the advice, which I may or may not take, then send it to the publisher. Hoping for a late June release.

Tomorrow an anthology I have a short story in, CANNON PUBLISHING’S SPRING ANTHOLOGY, will be available. You can preorder now and have it delivered to your kindle so it can be the first thing you read tomorrow. If you preorder a print copy, you could have it as soon as Tuesday. At least, that’s what the delivery options for me were.

If you’ve picked up a copy of one of my books, ask yourself this: “Have I left a review for it yet?” These reviews are important for the magical algorithms that control Amazon’s ranking and advertising structure. WRAITHKIN has 62, HOMEGUARD has 28. DEATHLORDS only has 24. I see HOMEGUARD all over the place, as well as WRAITHKIN, but I rarely see the other two in the series. Reviews matter. Even if it’s one or two lines about how much the book rocked/sucked, it helps. Don’t get me wrong here… I love 5 star reviews. But any review helps.

More stuff on the horizon. Take care!

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