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So I decided to try something different this time around with the release of Murder World: Kaiju Dawn. I’m going to run a contest.

That’s right, a contest.

Running until Friday, June 6th at 10:00 PM EST, everybody who buys (or has already bought) a copy of Murder World: Kaiju Dawn and sends me a screen-shot of the receipt is entered to win a free book of mine of their choice, print or ebook (unless, you know, it’s out of print… then it’ll have to be an ebook).

The drawing will take place Friday once the submissions are closed. Once the winner is announced, I’ll either ship it you them or give it to them in person (if they’re at a convention I’ll be attending in the near-future).

Now, a few notes.

When you send in your screenshot, please put it in the body of the email and do not send it as an attachment. It’s easier for me to keep track of everything if it’s in the body of the email itself.

Once you’ve purchased Murder World: Kaiju Dawn, if you share it on Facebook and send me another screenshot of it (again, in the body of the email) you get a second entry into the contest. Write a review on Amazon.com about Murder World: Kaiju Dawn and get a third entry, which greatly increases your odds of winning.

Send your screenshots to cordova829@[removeme]gmail.com

Good luck to all!

MW KD cover


All About

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who bought a copy of Kaiju Apocalypse this weekend. Cracking the Top 100 in multiple genres was… well, it blew my mind. The sales are still going (#18,000 or so last I checked… if you bought it, by the way, have you reviewed it yet? That helps even more!),  and you can still buy it and cause it to jump in the rankings, but I wanted to thank you for helping make me squee like a Chibi girl seeing Japanese tentacle porn for the first time.

Too much? Too soon?

I’m working on Murder World this afternoon. It’s about… 1/2 to 3/5 finished by my rough estimate (roooooough estimate). I’m still debating throwing something massive in there which would cause it to be a much longer book or not. Eric’s not a fan of the idea, but I can’t seem to shake this image of an Indiana Jones-type of temple, complete with my very own Mola Ram and some very pissed off gods. Just a thought I was toying around with. I may write it up separate and let him decide if he wants it in or not after the fact.

Jason: Surprise! I added a Temple of Doom!

Eric: Dafuq?

Jason: Yeah, totally! I got multiple gods, a Mola Ram-like dude, and Jasmine’s going to–

Eric: …whatever. We’ll talk later.

Hmm… you know, now that I’ve talked it out with myself, it may not be such a good idea after all. I need to think this one through a tad bit more before I jump the shark here.

Anyways, go buy the book if you haven’t already. Review it if you haven’t already. Do the hokey pokey if you haven’t already.

Hah! That’s what I’m all about.

Kaiju Day 3

I’ll be out all day, but I woke up to something wonderful this morning.

Yeah, totally made my day/year. If I ever have kids, the first one may be named “Kaiju”. Don’t forget to review it after you buy it.

It’s Here!

kaiju apocalypse rough draft

Big news today!

Kaiju Apocalypse is out and available via ebook over on Amazon. Best part about this? Amazon Prime members get it for free!

Yeah, thought that would get your attention.

So go forth, buy it, pay for my kitties’ kibble (and Sophie’s treats).

If you don’t, you probably don’t love kitties and puppies and, more than likely, hate rainbows and jelly beans too.

Write What You Know? I SCOFF At Thee!

I wonder if my dad got his birthday card yet?

I’m horrible at remembering date. I have this massive calendar up on the wall which shows every single appointment and schedule I have for the next few months, and yet I didn’t mail off my dad’s birthday card until the day of (partially because I’m a slacker, though mostly because I looked up and said “Holy crap, it’s June already?”). Oddly, my characters seem to never forget their schedules and appointments.

For most people, it’s “write what you know”. I’ve hated this mantra for the longest time because the writer runs the risk of a very boring book. Quick, explain a David Weber novel.

If you know who Weber is, then I’m certain you mentioned something about the massive naval battles (in sea and space) he writes about. And if you’re like me, you tend to skim his 13 page technical manual he slips into the book at odd intervals (Warshowski sails are neat and all, but do we really need to go over the necessary acceleration to mass discussion in EVERY SINGLE BOOK? C’mon, really?) to get back to the story. Or, God forbid, you’re reading a Tom Clancy novel and you suddenly realize that he’s just making crap up as he goes and slapping words together around it to make it sound technical and intelligent-like (my twentieth birthday, while in the navy, and I realized that Clancy was full of crap… it was a sad day to be a grown up).

Okay, I got a bit off topic there, but the risk you run with writing what you know is that you get cornholed into being a certain type of writer. Your potential to expand into other venues gets overlooked and shot down because damn it, you’re a (insert genre label) writer! Take, for example, John Ringo’s Council War series. It’s a SF book that turns into a very strange fantasy novel because the SF goes away. However, sales sucked because “Damn it, he’s a SF author!” took hold (then some other really weird crap took hold and Ringo wrote Ghost, but we won’t open that can of stale worms today). There Will Be Dragons will remain one of my favorite fantasy novels because he did such an outstanding job at NOT BORING ME. It was outside John’s usual genre, so he had to research and keep it very fresh.

Makes me wonder what I’m doing sometimes, allowing people to say “Oh, you write about science fiction” when only one of my stories is a SF story. The rest of them range from Bangsian fantasy to horror, with a little thriller in there. Maybe I should just slap on a label which reads “Authors, Will Write For Food”?

Maybe not?