Migrating and Awards

I received a bit of good advice once from a man who doesn’t like me. He told me “social media platforms come and go, but your website… well, that’s yours.”

Indeed it is. The past 72 hours I’ve seen multiple utspoken friends banned from using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook under what a lot of people are terming “digital red flag” reports. Basically, people are finding someone they don’t like and then spam reporting the person’s comment as harassment or for it being inappropriate. One author was reported for showing nudity in a link he posted (it was a news article about him that contained no pictures).

While I’ll use Facebook for some stuff (links to here, and to Amazon for books), I’m going mostly dark on there. I’ll eave my page up, sure, since it’s pretty quiet. I’m migrating over to MeWe, which is a much user-friendly site that doesn’t spam you with ads or anything like that. I’m hoping to get my Kin Wars group going over there soon. Once I do, I’ll post a link here.

I haven’t heard who is voting for me yet for the 2019 Dragon Award for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel. Speak up! Tell your friends and family to vote for Sons of the Lion! We are the biggest underdog ever. Let’s shock the world, together.

…no, we’re not resorting to violence. Put the shovel away.

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