Yay Success! Now Get Off My Lawn.

Update. Right. Forgot. So A Promise Made is going to be in the next Sha'Daa anthology, currently titled Facets. I also was trying to squeak a second story in but I couldn't really get it to work. It came off as a monologue but the story structure needed to be more of a script (transcript, diary, screenplay, etc). I was... Continue Reading →

To Start Off With A Bang

Two of my major goals are to get Wraithkin and Wraithguard out. Not published, but merely out of my hands and into the hands of the Alpha Reader Squad. In order to accomplish this, I forced myself the other day to create a massive spreadsheet for word count. I think my word count goal (not including the blog or... Continue Reading →

Doing Time in the Slush

I think that every prospective author should do time as a slush reader -- a volunteer slush reader, in fact. This sounds like a fate worse than death for most of us. If you are an aspiring writer who thinks that this could be fun, then you are one of the ones who must do this. Because... Continue Reading →

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