Yay Success! Now Get Off My Lawn.

Update. Right. Forgot.

So A Promise Made is going to be in the next Sha’Daa anthology, currently titled Facets. I also was trying to squeak a second story in but I couldn’t really get it to work. It came off as a monologue but the story structure needed to be more of a script (transcript, diary, screenplay, etc). I was a little annoyed with myself for not being able to wrap my mind around the structure (I wanted a script, since A Promise Made is more of a journal, and I hate duplicating myself). I guess I’ll survive (dramatic sigh) and wrap up Hill 142 before too long.

Wraithkin is coming along. It’s around 70,000 words right now, with 75% of it being action. I’ll break that up a bit so as to not overwhelm delicate sensibilities– ah, who am I kidding? I’ll probably add more carnage and mayhem before I mellow it out a bit. Hopefully it won’t go above 120,000 words because I can’t see publishers getting excited about a MilSF/romance/political thriller being about 600 pages long from an unknown-ish author.

Yes, I said romance. Because the entire book is fueled by a love story.

I also have to finish The Gods Anointed for the Not To Yield anthology soon, I think by June 1. So that makes two shorts and a novel to finish by June 1.


I can do this. I just need proper motivation… which, depending on how things work out, may have occurred this morning.

Also: reviewed Chuck Gannon’s debut solo novel, Fire With Fire, over at Shiny Book Review today. You should give it a go and buy this book.

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